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Loi Kratong Phuket

Loy Kratong

This festival takes place on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month when the water level is high and the climate is cooler. Participants ask water spirits to sail away their troubles in their krathongs, which are containers traditionally made from banana leaves and carrying offerings of incense, lotus flowers and small money.
The picture above was taken at Chalong Bay last year which is one of the major sites for letting your Krathong (and all your troubles) go. Its a few minutes from our bungalows.
The Chalong Krathong festival is one of the biggest events in the islands Thai calendar and features talent and beauty pageants and lots of traditional Thai music.


Welcome to the real Phuket Bungalows experience.


The picture below ideally illustrates what you will enjoy about a stay with us. We are absolute opposite of the concrete jungle that is typical of the more developed areas of the island. Don't get us wrong, we love the fact that we have the wonderful nightlife, shopping and entertainment within a few minutes drive. Its just that we don't want to live in it.

We benefit from the the fabulous infrastructure that the growth of the tourism has brought with it, great roads and utilities etc, we avoid all the hassle and noise of city living though.



Phuket's Road
We visited Phuket dozens of times before coming to live here and know the island very well. We knew we didn't want to live in a developed area and we thought that there must be others like us. We were right and we are even busy during the low season. The village surrounding our bungalows is a real Thai village and the locals are super friendly too. Why should you stay with us? If you want to see the real Thailand we are one of the few places that you can do so in Phuket.


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