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Thailand massage

Thai massage

The benefits of Thai massage are well known. We have an in-house masseuse Kuhn Mai who trained at Wat Poh in Bangkok. That may not mean anything to the uninitiated, however to aficionados it means the best massage school in Thailand.
She offers oil and traditional massage in the gardens which is a good thing as once you have been relaxed by her, it would be quite difficult to motivate yourself to walk off anywhere in a hurry. Just order a cocktail and lie there for a bit afterwards is Bobbi's advice.


Welcome to the real Phuket Bungalows experience.


Prices change from high to low season and we have two room types, pool villa and garden villa.

Pool View - low season(May to October): 1,000 B
Garden View - low season(May to October): 900 B

Pool View - high season (November to April): 1,450 B
Garden View - high season (November to April): 1,350 B

Pool View - peak season (December 14th - January 14th): 1,650 B
Garden View - peak season(December 14th - January 14th): 1,550 B

Need an airport transfer? Just email us and give us your flight details and arrival times and leave the rest to us.

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