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Wheelchair access room Swimming-pool wheelchair access
Wheelchair access room Accessible bathroom



Welcome to the real Phuket Bungalows experience.


Our hotel has level access and within the next few weeks the pool area is being made suitable for wheelchairs too.
As a wheelchair user in Thailand generally you will not find much support so our advice is make sure your tyres are pumped and bring a pointy stick.

The good news is the Thais are much less prejudiced or negative about wheelchair users and it is not uncommon to see many people couple up with a local here.
So whilst you might not get around as easily as you can in the west, you will have a lot more when you actually do get anywhere so the extra inconvenience is well worth it.

We can help you get around by finding good drivers with suitable vehicles and letting you know if certain places are accessible or not.

If you require occasional or frequent medical attention, the medical facilities on the island are world class, and in some areas better than most European countries. They have many translators working for them so getting understood is not a problem.
Most medications are available over the counter and are considerably cheaper in many cases than in the west.



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