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Yatching In Phuket

Yachs and sailing

By staying with us you are at the heart of the yachting and sailing community who steer well clear of the east coast. Our coast contains the lagoons and bays that the boats require. Phuket is one of the worlds top yachting centers and the Kings Cup each December is a seriously prestigious event, attracting racers from all over the world. The ACYC regatta (usually in September) is also gaining popularity and is seen a the competitive sailors regatta. The local fishing trade is centered a few minutes walk from our bungalows and is well worth a visit to see the local boats and of course their delicious produce which you bring back and cook for us!


Welcome to the real Phuket experience.


It used to be said that the average Korean housewife had more bandwidth in her toaster than the whole of Phuket's residents had
between them.

This has now began to change and we are receiving a reliable and stable connection at speeds good enough for browsing, even multimedia stuff and obviously enough for email.
You send someone a recording of one of Steve's Karaoke performances, if you didn't like them very much.


Phuket Access Hotel

We would not recommend you try to stream media from here but uploading pics, video and audio is fine so you can write to and tell them how wonderful we are.

As long as you don't expect download speeds comparable with Europe, America or the more developed Asian nations such as Singapore or Hong Kong you will be happy enough.




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